Sell Scrap Silver and Precious Metals within the UK

We buy all types of precious metals scrap and investment Silver Bullion, Gold Bars and Platinum. We Pay the Best Prices for any form of scrap precious metals you wish to sell. Silver bullion bars, scrap Silver cutlery, Silver bullion rounds, scrap jewellers Silver and industrial Silver scrap metals. As well as All Silver Scrap we are specialist refiners and recyclers of Platinum, Gold and Rhodium in any form or purity. We sort, process, refine, and assay your scrap metals and make payment to you promptly for the exact quantity of precious metals present in your order.
Contact us to Sell Silver Scrap and any unwanted Gold or Other Scrap Precious Metals now.

Benefits of selling your Silver and Precious Metals Scrap to :

  • We accept Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium and Silver Scrap.
  • High Payout Rate on all Precious Metals.
  • All Purities and Carat ratings of Precious Metal Accepted.
  • Lots containing Mixed Metals Accepted and Sorted.
  • Easy Secure & Insured Order Submission.
  • Fast Payment via Cheque, Cash or Direct Bank Transfer.
  • Accurate Assay Results Insure Highest Returns.
  • Payment via Refined Gold or Silver Bullion if Required.

Some of the Forms of Silver Scrap and Precious Metals we will Buy for Cash :

  • Sterling Silver Scrap Jewellery (hallmarked or unhallmarked).
  • Silver Cutlery, Trophies, Flatware & Sterling Silver Candle Sticks.
  • Ag Grain Silver Shot in .925 .999 and other Purities.
  • Silver Flake Photographic Fixer Material.
  • Gold Jewellery Scrap in 9ct, 10kt, 14 Karat, 18 carat, 22ct & 24 Carat Ratings.
  • Platinum Thermocouple Wire.
  • Palladium Jewellery and Platinum Diamond Rings.
  • Silver Bullion Bars or Ingots in various sizes.
  • Good Delivery Bullion 1 Kilo Silver Bar, 100oz upto 1000oz Bars.
  • 24 Karat Gold Bullion Wafers from 1gram upto 999 Gold Bars.
  • British Silver Coins 50% and 92.5% Pure UK Pre 1920 & Pre 1947 Coins.
  • Silver .999 Bullion Rounds SAE American Eagle Coins Silver Maples 9999.